Lake Sumner RHA

Trip Leader Peter Freestone

Grade Experienced

Capacity 12

Cost 270

Date 11 Nov 22 - 13 Nov 22

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Helicopter  transport to allocated block

Time                     11th to 13th November 2022 . Weather dependent

Location             Doubtful range above the lower Hope (Mt Murray, Mt Garfield, Lake Man) for example. Potentially the people who                                want stay longer  or fly out  can go further into the Top Hope. So I would plan on a few of the groups not going too far                        into the backcountry.

Cost                       it looks like it’ll be approx. $270.00 total cost $470 with club subsity of $200

H&S                       everyone must have PLB , Rhino and 2 way radios and complete H&S paperwork


The target is to remove as many female deer as possible through recreational hunting during this period. Helicopter access allows hunters to target their efforts, remove meat from kills and minimise waste.

If individuals want to fly out on Sunday (or any other time) they must organise that themselves with the heli operator (Amuri Helicopters).

Be aware The Club has no responsibility on how you extract yourself out of the mountains.

Names of those who want to be flown out will be shared so they can organise the trip out amongst themselves.

Meat recovery via helicopter on Sunday can be arranged IF there are people flying out on Sunday.

Kills and sightings are required to be reported through a hunting diary (and photos appreciated) as a means of monitoring the success of this hunting activity. We require documentation of GPS location, approx. age, sex and condition of all animals shot.

If hunting parties do not provide NZDA Nth Canterbury with a hunting diary they will not be considered for this program for the following 2 years.

Required Gear: Minimum recommendations for every Hunt is Personal Location Beacon (PLB), GPS, Map, Compass, and a suitable form of communication.
Note Whether Hut or Camping, Is Vehicle Access available close to site etc