Lake Sumner RHA fly in walk out

Trip Leader Peter Freestone

Grade Experienced

Capacity 12

Cost 270

Date 24 Feb 23 - 26 Feb 23

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North Canterbury Deerstalkers Association will conduct this trip with all care within its control Wilderness Hunting can be a dangerous activity. Responsibility for normal safety and conduct remains the responsibility of the individuals. Do not extend beyond your capabilities.

Lake Sumner Recreational Hunting Area

NZTopo50 map sheet: BU22, BU23 and BT23
Grid/NZTM2000 coordinates: E1550501, N5297862 (Palmer Lodge)


The target is to remove as many female deer as possible through recreational hunting during this period. Helicopter access allows hunters to target their efforts, remove meat from kills and minimise waste.

More intensive game animal management in the RHA will be beneficial for future hunting potential. When the sex ratio becomes more female biased (as in when only large stags are targeted) this can reduce genetic variation and reduce the future viability of the population. Additionally, when the density of deer is lower, the individuals in the population are healthy and larger.

The Game Animal Council New Zealand has useful information about herd management.

NZDA Nth Canterbury will sponsor the trip to a total cost to the club of $2400.00

The trip will be limited to minimum of 12 and then multiples of 4 thereafter. (to fill a heli)

eg: if 15 people sign up the last 3 to sign up are on the wait list until another person signs up.

The cost per person with 12 hunters is expected to be $270.00 for just the fly in.

Retail flight cost $470 – $200 club subsidy = $270.00

The more people that come on the trip the less the subsidy per person but the cost of the flight will be less as well. So please expect the actual cost to be potentially more than $270, but not a lot more.

If individuals want to fly out on Sunday (or any other time) they must organise that themselves with the heli operator (Amuri Helicopters).

To secure your position on this hunt NZDA require payment in full ($270) to be made into bank account 03-0823-0042754-00. Please use your name and “RHA hunt 2022” as reference.

You should also send to Andrew Walton details of you bank account in the event a refund is needed.   [email protected]


For cancellations within 15 days of the departure date a cancellation fee of 100% of the full fee applies unless you or the Club can find another NZDA Nth Canterbury club member to take your place. A full refund will be given if the Club or Heli operator cancels the trip.


The hunting spots will generally be in the Doubtful range between the road and the Hope River and Doubtful River and Pussy stream, such as Lake Man, Mt Murray, Mt Garfield and spots in that area where there is water and reasonably easy walk outs.


Be aware The Club has no responsibility on how you extract yourself out of the mountains.

Required Gear: Minimum recommendations for every Hunt is Personal Location Beacon (PLB), GPS, Map, Compass, and a suitable form of communication.
Note Whether Hut or Camping, Is Vehicle Access available close to site etc

Meeting Point: Amuri Helicopters