Hope Kiwi Drive in

Trip Leader Tania Kiely

Grade Moderate

Cost 15

Date 03 Feb 23 - 06 Feb 23

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North Canterbury Deerstalkers Association will conduct this trip with all care within its control Wilderness Hunting can be a dangerous activity. Responsibility for normal safety and conduct remains the responsibility of the individuals. Do not extend beyond your capabilities.

NZTopo50 map sheet: BU 22
Grid/NZTM2000 coordinates : E 1538209, N 5277607


Forms of Hunting available

Calling all bush bucks and mountain goats,  dust off your daypacks, gather your gaiters, brush off your boots and come along on our club hunt .

Friday 3rd Feb  till mon 6th Feb.  (Waitangi weekend).

This will be a drive in drive out trip into the hope kiwi lodge .

Places will be limited to 8 people as the hunting areas are limited and suitable for around 3 to 4 parties (  the thinking is of parties of 2s but if you want to team up with more that’s entirely up to you.

We will need at least 2 capable and sturdy 4wd vehicles. There may be several river crossings and certainly off road farm tracks , if you could indicate if you could provide one please let me know.

You will obviously need to hold a current firearms license and be a member..  Also needed are a hunting permit ( go to  DOC website and have a printed copy please), plb each , some form of hi vis / blaze etc( vest , shirt ,  or hat).

A decent level of fitness is needed , most hunting areas are uphill  and capable hunting skills although this is a great trip for newbies to come and team up with an experienced hunter , fairly easy going over all .

We will be staying at the Hope Kiwi lodge which has 21 bunks ( as far as huts go this is luxury lol) but beware that this is a busy time for trampers,  families etc and the hut could be full .   DOC Serviced Huts are $15 per night.  We should be prepared to tent out for 2 reasons,  one obviously if the hut is full and two that we don’t want a big party of  hunters  making  hut users feel a little intimidated. We need to be respectful and put our club in good light. It would pay to bring tents in case needed.

If this feels right up you alley , your cup of tea ,  floats your boat  , spins your wheels   , then email me at [email protected].

Or txt ,ring , on 0274694947

Required Gear: Minimum recommendations for every Hunt is Personal Location Beacon (PLB), GPS, Map, Compass, and a suitable form of communication.
Note Whether Hut or Camping, Is Vehicle Access available close to site etc

In this case Tents will be required

Meeting Point: Conntact Tania